Here are the things that made me lol the most this week. It was a pretty slow week.

Unibrow‘s never-ending quest to take something to do with babes, find 10 videos of whatever it is and make a list of it always makes me laugh. This week they have: The 10 Hottest Latina Babe Topless Scenes. I am thinking next week they will have: The 10 Hottest Butt Crack Oil Paintings. And if they do, I will link it.

My friend sent me this pic with the following caption: “Here’s the picture from your visit to the spa last weekend.”

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I am going to link this News Story but you don’t even really need to click it. All you need to know is that there was this guy who was the dictator of Turkmenistan. And he made… well, I will show you this excerpt to describe what he made:

Niyazov spent $12million (£6m) on a 75m (244ft) tower called the Arch of Neutrality, placing the 12m monument to himself at the top in 1998. The gold-plated statue with outstretched arms rotated once every 24 hours so that Niyazov always faced the sun.

The statue was the most prominent of a series of vanity projects, including an ice palace and a 40m pyramid, that Niyazov built with income from Turkmenistan’s huge gas reserves, while his five million people lived in poverty.

I also learned that he renamed months after his mom and his friends and made radios illegal because they annoyed him. So while I am glad that he is gone and the people will…have food, I do have to admit that in all my dictator fantasies, I never once thought of renaming months. That’s bad ass.

I am sure that a lot of you have seen this You Suck at Photoshop video by now, but I don’t care. It’s frigging funny.

That’s all I have for now – it’s late, and this week was not very funny.

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