So – I got screwed by my old, bad host. They are ixwebhosting and they eat it. I am still wondering if they realize they were telling me that I should find a new host because my site is too popular. It still makes no sense to me, because unless there are a bunch of ghosts clicking around, I have no idea where all this ‘suspicious activity’ is coming from.

Anyway – now I am on a shiny new host. And they kick ass. So yay. I still need to ftp 48658969058473726495 more things – but hey – things are looking up!

Also – I decided to move the batcave up in the directory – so here is the new link.

If that link does not work for you – it means that the new site is not showing up for you yet. You must live in a small, hick place if you haven’t propagated by now. Sorry, Jedediah. All members’ passwords will work as usual. I will fix the skin, etc tomorrow.