If you have heard anything about the new movie The Hunt coming out then they are definitely making it look like it is an Emma Roberts movie.  But in looking at the trailer, it doesn’t seem like that at all!  If you see the name of the video below they have Emma’s name in the leading hashtag alongside Oscar winner Hillary Swank.  But in the trailer she has one line.


The real star is Betty Gilpin (who you probably know from Glow) who looks to be doing the heavy lifting for the movie.  Her Mississippi accent sounds pretty great.  Not bad for a New York City girl who went to my alma mater which is probably why she is such a good actress.  But let’s stop a minute and focus on the real issues here.

There is STILL no such thing as an Emma Roberts movie.  She is playing second fiddle to Betty Gilpin in a Blumhouse movie and she is Julia Roberts’ niece.  She has 58 credits on IMDB.  Betty Gilpin is five years older (33 vs. 28) and only has 36.  Remember We’re the Millers, she was funny in that.  Six years ago.

This is not me hating on Betty Gilpin.  I think she is great.  This is me telling Emma Roberts that Scream 4 was NINE YEARS AGO and if you want to be a Scream Queen (not the show she was in that tanked, the occupation) then it is time to get moving.  American Horror Story NEVER features you.  The best role you have had so far is Madison Montgomery and if you decided you wanted to stay on TV you could do that, too.  Just…do something.

All that said, I am definitely going to see this movie when it comes out September 27th.  Not only does it look good, but did you notice Dennis from Always Sunny in there playing a rich douche?  Perfect!