Will Ferrell is funnier than you.
He’s funnier than me, and he’s probably funnier than 99% of the world population. Not only that, but he’s likable. He seems like the kind of guy that other guys want to hang around, drink beer with, and shoot hoops with on a Sunday afternoon. And he’s goofy looking enough that you don’t think he’ll steal your girlfriend. Over the last several years he’s given us some comedy gems like More Cowbell, We’re Going Streaking!, Afternoon Delight, and even Bud Light Commercials. But in this clip he gets upstaged by his own daughter, Pearl. Which bring up the question “is he exploiting his child for his own advancement?” I don’t care, this is funny.

Note – there are three videos in this series including outtakes.

NSFW (due to profanity) video after the jump!