The Gallery tries to make sure its redership is informed.  And sometimes when the authorities have nowhere else to turn when reviewing a botched investigation (and I do mean nowhere) they send us some information and have our team try to decipher what happened.  Now, I cannot show you all the other evidence they sent, but I can appeal to you, our readers, to try to answer some of the high level questions regarding the case.  The Pic is after the jump, but read the questions first.  I want you to go into this objectively.  We are trying to help.


  1. Whose side is purple shirt on?
  2. Who is on the poster on the light pole?
  3. Who bent the street sign?
  4. What’s the blue rubber glove for?
  5. Why would you EVER need to have a gun drawn in this situation?
  6. Whose car is that on the right?


Figueroa Street