I love it when he stares at me like that!

Nikki’s back, bitches! Did you miss me? Acadia did, which is why he’s been hounding me to write a new post. He knows I bring my own brand of awesome to Superficial Gallery.

Today’s scorching topic of choice is that tall drink of Swedish hotness known as Alexander Skarsgard. Since True Blood season four starts in less than a week, I figured this was the perfect time to set SG on fire. And if anyone can do it, it’s ASkars. I mean, just look at him! Can you get any closer to perfection? I don’t think so. You’re welcome to argue that fact, but I’m bullheaded and won’t listen, so it’ll be a waste of your time.

So ladies, have fun drooling over these pics. But before you take a gander, make sure you have a bucket and mop handy. You’re going to need it. Especially when you see the pics of Alex with water being poured over his face and the one of him shirtless in bed with nothing but a sheet. Wowzer!