It’s that time again.  The time in which I give all the best posts of the year the Statler and Waldorf treatment.  Unless they were mine, of course.  We had some interesting things happen this year.  Vange, who was the co-founder of this site along with Acadia, has sadly moved on to other things.  We also got hit with some nasty malware or something, and it about killed the site.  That’s what Acadia gets for hiring Paul Blart as security for the site.  Then Acadia scored a sweet deal with an ad company that would have brought in some cash.  So, it’s only natural that we would end up getting dropped by the ad company due to a snag in the mine.

Not all the stories from this year are bad.  Speaking of the mine, it’s been redesigned.  Give it a look and let us know what you think.  Additionally, I’m pretty sure this was the most successful year the Gallery has ever had.  StumbleUpon became our best friend and sent a ton of hits our way.  Thank you to all who stumbled us.   Keep it up and there may be some loot in it for you in the future.  Or an erotic fiction story from Acadia.

We have two new awesome writers.  Cramsey and Wood Rabbit.  Since they just joined us in December, they didn’t make either of the top 10 lists, but you can be sure you’ll be seeing them on 2012’s list.  If they decide to stick around, that is.

I guess it’s time to get down to business.  If you don’t remember how I did it last year, I made two lists, one for multiple picture posts and one for single posts.  The reason for doing it like this is that on multiple picture posts, it counts each picture view as a hit.  That makes it a little hard to compare it to stuff with all it’s content on one page.  OK, hit the jump and we’ll get started with the lists!

Top 10 Multiple Picture Posts

Well, you could say it was the year of the Bikini Sunday here at the Gallery.  These things pretty much dominated just about everything else that we put up.  Thank you all for your irresistible urge to fap to all things bikini.

#10/#11  Bikini Sunday – Kate Beckinsale /Bikini Sunday – Kate Beckinsale  –  Kate had two separate Bikini Sunday features this year, and believe it or not, they are neck and neck with each other on the stats.  I just went ahead and included them both here because…well, just because.  You don’t mind.

#9  Bikini Sunday – Megan Fox  –  So, Megan Fox comes in at #9.  Yay?  I can tell already that this first top 10 is going to be a bitch to get through.  At least I’ve heard of Megan, which is more than I can say for some of these other girls.  And apparently, according to Nicole Ireland, she has wonky thumbs.  Can’t say I noticed.

#8  Bikini Sunday – Olivia Wilde  –  Hey look! It’s Olivia Wilde from…uh…whatever it is she does.  Isn’t she just adorable?

#7  Best of Brit  –  The only multiple picture post from this year that made the list that wasn’t a Bikini Sunday post.  Guest writer malkatz checks in here with some pics of Britney Spears before she died.  What’s that?  She’s not dead?  Lies.  LIES!

#6  Bikini Sunday – Adrianne Curry  –  Every nerd’s fantasy girl.  Did you know she won America’s Top Model?  Yeah, I didn’t either.  Thanks for the info Nicole.

#5  Bikini Sunday – Carmen Electra  –  Yes please.

#4  Bikini Sunday – Jasmine Waltz  –  Here we have Jasmine Waltz.  According to Nicole, she is an aspiring actress (snicker) that gets handed around by various Hollywood douchebags.  And she has a sex tape.  Hurray for sex tapes!

#3  Bikini Sunday – Madalina Diana Ghenea  –  I can’t say her name without laughing.  Actually, I don’t think I can say her name anyway.  Seriously though.  What is up with that name?  Is it even real?  At least her farts smell like freshly baked bread, so she’s got that going for her.

#2  Bikini Sunday – Miranda Kerr  –  I gotta say, I feel kinda pervish looking at her pics.  Is she even legal?  Because she looks like someone my 14 year old daughter would hang out with.

#1  Bikini Sunday – Nelleke Verkaart  –  This was a surprise performance.  I certainly wouldn’t have guessed that this chick would be the top hit getter for the year, but she was.  She even outdid Ice Road Trucker Girl Lisa Kelly for the year, which is no small feat.


Top 10 Single Posts

#10  This Tree Has Turtle Power  –  Kicking things off we have a picture of a tree.  Not just any old tree, though.  This tree happens to resemble one of your favorite pizza eating ninjas.

#9  Movie Villain Zodiac  –  I sure would hope that this one would have made the list.  Acadia pushed it to the moon, going so far as to make an ad for it that showed up in between posts here at the Gallery.  Then again, if I had spent as much time on something as he did for this, I’d probably do the same.  So, which one are you?  I got Max Cady.

#8  Halloween Costume Special  –  In an attempt to drum up interest in the Gallery’s annual Halloween costume contest, I put together a collection of costumes that I liked.  I’m not sure if it worked, but we did get more entrants this year.  I think.  I’m too lazy to check.

#7  Wordless Wednesday  –  Behold the power of StumbleUpon.  It has the ability to make even the most random things a hit.

#6  Disney Goes Dark  –  Next up we have a post from Acadia featuring the Disney princesses if they were evil.  Pretty impressive, I must say.

#5  What do do with all Trick or Treat Candy  –  That title may have some typos.  I can’t say for sure if Sangfroid meant it to be titled like that.  I kind of like it, though.  Heh, “do do”.  I’m four.  Speaking of Sangfroid, someone go pull him out of the well he fell in so he can come back and write some more.

#4  One Day Only  –  This guy is giving away an important commodity.  I hope you all took him up on his offer.  What a deal!

#3  South Carolina – Thy Name is Fat  –  Acadia went to the South Carolina State Fair, and he brought his camera.  Good thing, too.  In this post, you will see things you never thought possible.  Once you see them, you’ll see why there was good reason for that.  Doughnut burger, anyone?

#2  Ice Road Trucker Girl Maya Sieber  –  Ah yes, the History Channel has added a second Ice Road Trucker Girl.  Just like Lisa Kelly, people want to see Maya Sieber naked, too.  So, she get’s Googled in all sorts of ways, such as “maja sieber sex foto”.  Only time will tell if this post will have the kind of legs that Lisa Kelly’s does.  I’m leaning towards not because Acadia didn’t invoke the wrath of Canada in this one.

#1  YouTuesday – Michael Winslow Does Led Zepplin  –  Talk about surprises.  While this is definitely a cool video, I never expected it to get the attention it did.  Stumble took this thing and ran with it.  It broke the Gallery’s record for most views in a day all by itself.  On my birthday, no less.  It was a pretty sweet present.  Thanks everyone!