Charlize Theron is from South Africa. She is also a little hotter than Nelson Mandela.

Who knew?  Well, I found out the other day when I was informed about the site Miss Moss.  The actual URL is:  Please note the funny extension, proving it is foreign.  Why do I care?  Because when I went there, there was a picture of some old hag right at the top (granted this was three minutes ago).  And, since I am a fan of old hags, I was immediately smitten.

It’s definitely a chick site.  Like, it has handbags and jewelry and other stuff like that.  But she sprinkles in hot chicks (or at least drawings of them) which kept me interested for way longer than usual.  Take special notice of: Dancing Behind My Eyelids.  It has arty paintings of chicks in their underwear.  And, to be honest, that’s the real reason that I like the site.

It is automatically not sexist if the hot chicks are paintings and they are posted by another chick and are mixed in with posts about how she needs to exercise.  So the fellas can see some pictures they would not ordinarily see, and the ladies can see…whatever the hell the rest of it is and not get too bogged down with a lot of words.

So, go look.  I also heard that the site is in the running for “Best Something Site in South Africa”.  Now, I am not trying to be mean, but that seems like it would be about as competitive as: “Best Something Site in Vermont”.  But hey, an award is an award.  And, I can’t diss it to much as the only award I ever won was Mr. Entrecard.  So, if you dig her site, then go vote for her in the categories “Best New Blog”, “Best Design Blog”, and “Best Personal Blog”.  And try not to puke from seeing the ugliest word ever (blog) 947,846,382 times on one page.  I am not sure what the prize is.  Maybe a copy of Lethal Weapon 2?  But whatever.  You can vote here: