Apparently this is an insensitive outfit and people who do it are racists. I guess there is not a powerful lobby for Vikings since nobody protests that.

Much more Thanksgiving appropriate

I started a couple different posts about what I am thankful for but honestly why do you guys care what I’m thankful for?  Seriously.  Jeffrey Dahmer had Thanksgiving, too, you know.  He prolly was thankful for having people to murder.  I’m not going to bore you with stupid crap that everyone else says.  I know you are thankful for your [adjective] [significant other] and your [number] [adjective] stupid kids.  You are right to be thankful for those things.  But rather than giving you a list of stuff that reflects my values and personal junk, I will leave that to my own dinner and leave you to yours.

BUT!  In place of  me dripping my treacle all over you I’m just going to post up a few things that I think you will appreciate.  And if you don’t, then whatever.  I still gave.  And if you say “No Thanks” then Happy NoThanksgiving!  So get some chicks with glasses, some star wars, some funny religious crap!  ALL OF IT!

 Best Piece of Thanksgiving Television Ever

I don’t think there is a better picture in the world.

Whatever – I like glasses this week.


Smart take on religion

A funnier take.


Excellent Empire Strikes Back gif