If you don’t know about YTMND – now is your chance to get acquainted.  I am going to show you how they (and by they I mean the people that…work there?  I don’t know) take something and keep messing with it until it gets old.

Usually it starts out as something simple.  Like this clip from Cops.  Mind you, I don’t know what order these were made in, cause I don’t care.

So – you can see that the good people at YTMND have taken pains to get as much mileage out of that clip as they can.  And if you want to see more cleverness, then just go right to YTMND.  And if you are one of those jackasses who likes to say things like: “Must be nice to have so much spare time” remember, you need to judge things by how long it takes THEM to do it.  Not how long it would take YOU to do it.  You arrogant punk.

Post your fave YTMND’s in the comments.