This is not Joan Rivers. Nor is it a crazy chick

This is not Joan Rivers. Nor is it a crazy chick

I didn’t include a first name on the Rivers in question after Acadia mentioned his adoration for Melissa Rivers in last week’s celebrity apprentice post. But, rest assured, while she might be a little crazy, her mother Joan is completely whacked out. She dropped a Hitler comparison in the board room and at one point decided to plug her ears with her fingers when Annie Duke was speaking. She avoided being fired even though her team lost TWO tasks on the night.

Natalie Gulbis was fired when their team lost a jewelry auction. Which was a travesty because Natalie wore really short skirts. Then, Herschel Walker met his demise for making a dessert that apparently wouldn’t freeze/thaw well.

What I didn’t get about the first task was, basically, they just all called their rich friends in and whoever brought the most cash in won.

It’s not really skillful to know the most rich people and tasks like that are pretty damn boring. What? Celebrities know rich people? You don’t say. These celebrities also desire to spend money frivolously? No fucking shit.

Clint is a smug dude and Herschel should have definitely said in the boardroom how with this small of a group left Trump needed to consider past weeks. Herschel had been money, but that dessert thing was a debacle. He should have told Trump, “if Clint wasn’t whining about EVERYTHING maybe I could have taken his concerns about the dessert a bit more seriously.”

Someone on the show, Natalie I believe, said a comment like “Herschel and Melissa Rivers in an off-camera romance”…if this is the case, someone fire that camera crew and go bring in the Real World/Road Rules Challenges camera folks. I lost a little respect for Herschel when finding out he doesn’t eat meat. So, hey, if they wanted to exploit a showmance with Melissa Rivers for ratings, I’d be all for it.