Listen, folks.  I need a tongue wrangler.  Like, badly.  SOMEONE please help me!  I am drowning in the things (ew).  Contact us if you are interested!  Anyway, on with the updates!

  • Bella Thorne Tongue – NEW!  this one is a star.  I could probably get a ton more from her is Snapchat wasn’t so gd confusing. (13 pics including a gif)
  • Margot Robbie Tongue – NEW! she and the cast of Suicide Squad are pretty lickalicious.  Wait til you see the other cast members.  Not Will Smith, tho. wtf.  (10 pics)
  • Anna Kendrick Tongue – NEW! I am pretty sure if she finds out about this she will say something mean about us on Twitter.  (3 pics)
  • Ariana Grande Tongue – NEW! I feel like I am missing a bunch of hers for some reason. (3 pics)
  • Demi Lovato Tongue – MASSIVE UPDATE! this girl is the Miley Cyrus of music! (40 Pics!  Including Gifs!)
  • Heidi Klum Tongue – UPDATE! she is still one of the most reliable about there.  The only thing she sticks out more than her tongue is her chest.  What a great gal! (33 pics)
  • Rihanna Tongue – UPDATE!  Wait, maybe SHE is the Miley Cyrus of music…
  • Avril Lavigne Tongue – UPDATE!  OK so it’s music week, I guess. (17 pics)