Someone on imgur with more talent than me made a great showing of the continuity between Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Giving Bruce Wayne a personal stake in the destruction of Metropolis by Zod (and Superman) is a good touch.  A touch which was immediately praised or panned by everyone with a keyboard.  I personally marked out like a goober and have watched it like, 50 times already. But since I know so many people with definite ideas about such things, I thought I would let them talk.

Here’s this post’s panel.  I assume there will be more people for future endeavors like this.  And maybe I will get a little bit of bio from them, too.  Terrible self promotion.  Terrible!



What’s your overall impression of the trailer?

It strikes me the same as the rest of the DC universe outside of Batman. Lackluster



I loved it.  The more I see of this film the more excited I become.



Looks like a lot of retelling what was already established. Maybe too much trailer for its own good too, why not just show the whole movie?



I can say with all honesty that those 3 minutes and 39 seconds gave me a lot to look forward to. I was overall impressed and looking forward to finding out who ends up winning.


What is your opinion of Affleck as Batman and did this trailer change it?

He’s not helping this film. It seems to have Dark Knight Elements in which case Bale should have been signed on at any cost to make this happen. it appears to take place after the events of the dark knight. or could have at least been woven into it for continuity there was a 10 year gap between the dark knight and rises. this could have been at least three years of that gap for the gotham retirement. Who knows. Anythig is better than the story that it seems we’re going to get which is a young batman fighting superman which in of itself is ridiculous. Why on earth would you introduce a new batman in a goddam superman/ vs / justice league intro?


I always thought Affleck could be a decent Batman.  The internet exploded when he was cast but its been a long time since Daredevil.  Plus I like Snyders logic when casting him  “I wanted Ben because he’s 6’4 and even with all his superpowers I wanted Superman to have to look up at Batman”


Affleck will be fine. I mean, he’s no Val Kilmer, but who is? …erm other than Val Kilmer, but you won’t get him to admit it!



My initial opinion of Affleck as Batman wasn’t good. I will openly admit that since I was not shy about expressing my thoughts about him. However, this trailer managed to change my opinion a little bit, because I STILL MAY BE RIGHT lol…. we can’t know for certain until we see him in action.


How do you feel about  Jesse Eisenberg as Luthor?

Was Kevin Spacy Not available? This was a horrible choice



Eisenberg is’nt impressing me as Lex yet but he seems like he will be believable as an evil genius with super power envy.



Weak. I base all my Luthors off of Gene Hackman – in order to be the man, you’ve got to beat the man.



Okay, that threw me off. He didn’t come across as this supervillain….. but then who knows we only got to see him for a few seconds. We will have to wait on that one too.


Thoughts on Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot?

rotfl Was Gemma Chang or someone 4 inches taller and hot not available?



Gal Gadot looks much better than I anticipated as WW.



This better not mean Wonder Woman doesn’t get her own film. I feel like I’ve been carrying that torch for a long time.



Ehhh…. She looks better than I initially thought. Not amazonian, but hopefully her acting will be 200% legit and we won’t even notice that… so much lol


Your guess for the big bad?

Jury is still out on the Joker Looks insane but Ledger was the bar. Not sure what ya mean by “the big bad” I guess. (The main villain! — Acadia)



The fact we see Zods body leads me to believe experimentation on his corpse will give us Doomsday.



Last Supes film, I prayed it would be Braniac. Zod was a major disappointment. I have since abandoned hope. At this point, they need to start building on a Darkseid angle and give it time to develop. Whomever they throw at JLA is just an appetizer for the real DC baddy.




Your thoughts on Warner’s take on the universe so far.

See the end of question 2, They need to cross over the shows on CN into film to save themselves from themselves. Marvel is segmented between sony and they still manage to put out quality emo spidey films.


So far I like what WB is doing.  Its setting up a unique world and separating itself from Nolans trilogy.



Lame. Green Lantern sucked hard. Supes was decent but not great and the fact that they can’t get Wonder Woman out of development is not a good sign. The Nolan trilogy remains the best comics to movies anything in my view, but I almost consider it separate from everything: it had a very insular quality to it.


They are all over the f****** place. Hard to say.


So this is great for a first shot.  If you agree / disagree let us know in the comments.  BTW, the right answer is: ZOMG IT IS ALL AWESOME AND I SPLOOGED!