This isn’t a review as much as it is a heads-up pointing folks in the direction of a great mash up / mixtape. “Viva La Hova” presented by Terry Urban & Mick Boogie is a blending of Jay-Z and Coldplay songs. This is probably the most well executed mash up I’ve heard, as far as mixing rap with other forms of popular music goes. The producers who chopped up & sampled these songs deserve a lot of credit. The tape has a consistent vibe throughout, unlike so many other mash ups that seem to just paste together vocals and beats that don’t match. This mixtape makes me appreciate the Jay / Coldplay collaboration “Beach Chair;” it shows how well the artists’ sounds blend together. Hopefully there are more official collabs in the future, but if there aren’t, this a more than adequate substitute.

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Intro (Various Songs)
Public Speeding (High Speed + Public Service Announcement)
Know My Place (U Don’t Know + In My Place)
Never Changing (Never Change + Never Change)
Miss Trouble (Excuse Me Miss + Trouble)
Back At My Place (Back Then + In My Place)
No Love Coming Home (Homecoming + Ain’t No Love)
A Spy’s Prayer (Spies + Pray)
Science Is Ignorant (The Scientist + Ignorant Sh*t)
The Reverse Fix (The Bounce + The Fix)
Hola Blanco (Hola Hovito + White Shadows)
Take The Hill (Takeover + Violet Hill)
Lost Part 2 (Momma Loves Me + Lost – Import Mix)
Cold Success (Success + Lost – Import Mix)
What If We Cry? (What If + Song Cry)
Falling In Shadows (Fallin’ + White Shadows)
Life of Clocks (Clocks + Party Life)
X-Y-Z (No Hook + X&Y)

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