Jenn isn’t sick anymore so we are back with some ghosts, some planning for Chiller and a rousing discussion about peeping toms.  Turns out I missed us so much!

Giana Michaels Tongue

Gianna Michaels

  • Chiller Theater is featuring two special kissing movie actresses that Jenn will be taking VERY professional pictures of while we are there,  Gianna Michaels and Vicky Vette.  No particular reason why….
  • We discuss Donna from Ghost Hunters ripping on the show.  That was apparently in 2009.  I remember things for too long!  Seriously is that show even on anymore?
  • I admit wayyyy too much about my spinster aunts!  Including the fact they they were spinsters.
  • Jenn tells a riveting story about piano playing moms, dogs, and screen-faced monsters which devolves into a discussion of us owning a hotel for perverts.
  • I DON’T talk about Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Much.  Maybe a little.
  • Vicky Vette Tongue

    Vicky Vette

    I rebuilt my computer so hopefully it sounds better.  I wish I could have recorded all the tests from when I was trying to get it to record.  Some people say: “testing – 1-2-3”.  We say: “Do ghosts have vaginas?”

We are back on schedule and in two weeks we will be doing the show live.  LIVE!  Don’t know how to do that, but I assume it will be a live Google Hangout or something.  I guess we will find out.  Maybe we could do it on Twitch?  If anyone has any ideas, let us know.

I asked @chillertheatre if it was ok and they didn’t reply and silence = assent!  WHOO!


Thanks for sticking with us and let’s all give a little golf clap for Jenn not dying.  Not too much though.  Don’t want her to get a swelled head.