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Hello! Welcome to our first re-tooled episode of Waiting for the Train, now with more current news and wonderment at the horrors of our world. We are working on getting our first still-to-be-named episode ready of our second show – we already have a super interesting topic, so be sure to stay tuned for that, but we need Acadia to be back from his various business trip nonsense before we can complete it (yeah, allegedly he has a “real job”).  (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out our previous podcast where we explained it all… and also spent a lot of time telling Acadia to f*** off, as usual.)

This week our selected recent news items are:

  1. Coup in Turkey
  2. Truck mowing people down in Nice
  3. Trump/Pence ticket (but not really cuz who cares?)
  4. Pokemon Go insanity
  5. The disintegration of our country, i.e. race wars, i.e. police brutality, i.e. everything is terrible – nope, nevermind, crazy heat that sucks was discussed instead

As usual, there are many tangents.

Please tune in, listen, give us five stars or whatever, peer pressure your friends to subscribe, etc. Also give us feedback below!

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And on the subject of Pokemon Go…

See below, where people go totally bananas because a cartoon character in a game exists. Yeah, this is normal. (Please note a guy jumps out of the driver’s seat of a car. I’m done.)