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This week we learn a lot of fascinating facts about the Revolutionary War and events surrounding it, including France being our (America’s) one true BFF, so stop pretending we don’t like France, how Henry Wadsworth Longfellow lied to us, and Acadia tells us about a war crime against Portland, Maine.

Speaking of the Revolutionary War, the Battle of Bunker Hill is mentioned, so here you go:

jenn and billy bunker hill monument

Jenn and Billy the dog in Bunker Hill Monument Park, circa 2003, Charlestown, Massachusetts, appreciating freedom.

Incidentally, do not bring your hot fiyah mix tape to Portland. Just don’t. You’ll see why if you listen.

Was Acadia switched at birth at age 8? Could be, evidence is mounting.

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Now, please enjoy this, the “Best gif of all time” per BNev, which is guaranteed to make you want to put on your America bathing suit and tie a flag around your neck like a cape and run down the street with fireworks coming out of your butt:

i declare war on you

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