According to this article this humungous mansion is for sale and they only want $445k for it.  Why?  Well, it’s in Detroit.  But whatevs!  Wait til you see the thing.  It’s all fancy and has room for many batmobiles and since it is Detroit I assume they will let me shoot cannons off the roof.  And by “let me” I mean nobody will know.

If you ask me, we should all move to Detroit and start our own society.  We can all have mansions and build our own Robocop.  There is probably a car company or two laying around as well.  I don’t see why people are complaining about the housing crisis.  Detroit has like, a million.  For free.  And you don’t have to worry about work.  If every person babysits their neighbor’s kids, then everyone will have a job.  I’ll be the mayor and the rest of you can be the city council.  We can vote on our own laws and reinvent society.

Then if we are lucky we can sell the whole thing to Google or Facebook.  They seem to buy anything.  Check out the pics – you will seriously freak out.  People pay more than that for a McMansion in a good school district.  And since as Mayor I would be completely corrupt, you can start asking for favors now.  Also I would be Batman.  Which means me telling you where I live was probably not smart.  Eh – no worries!  I’m Batman now.  See what happens if you show up at my house!