Damn right we transitioned our asses off.

Damn right we transitioned our asses off.

Last week I mocked a bit of that Digital Transition. Here’s something you might be interested in: today I am mocking myself. Because, boy, was I wrong about this Digital Transition.

Why? Because we straight up kicked this things ass. Last night Google News showed me this headline:

US declares victory as DTV transition goes rather smoothly
Ars Technica – ‎3 hours ago‎

I am not sure if Ars Technica is a terrorist group or like, some dudes who were on America’s Got Talent. I didn’t click the link because neither of those possibilities sounded like much fun.

But, the bottomline is that we WON. DTV tried to come in our house, talk all that noise and what happened? We told DTV we weren’t putting up with his shit and he can cook us a dinner before we kick him out of our house. DTV cooked us that dinner. Was a little too dry with the chicken, but that’s alright, he made up for it with some of the best lemonade that I have ever dropped on my tongue. Then he got the hell out. Because we whipped his ass.

Don’t fuck with USA, DTV. Didn’t see that coming, son, but now you know.