You know that, right? How much we at The Superficial Gallery love tongues? We do. Long tongues, pointy tongues, flat ones, curly ones… it’s nothing shameful or embarrassing; they are purely sexy. We have formed a friendship with C.Taylor over at The Tongue Show Forum based on our similar interests. He is a genius at finding new and amazing tongue pictures and we are in absolute awe of him. If you want to look at a wonderful collection of Tongue Pictures, we have 429 albums with a whoppping 1,798 images. We add to this collection nearly daily, with the help of people like C. Taylor. If you want to discuss your own tongue fantasies, experiences and other tongue-related talk, go join The Tongue Show Forum. It is an open, warm non-judgmental place to relax, share and get support from other like-minded tongue-lovers. You won’t regret getting to know these cool people.