Anne Hathaway Black Bustier

The site has always had two parts.  Well, three if you count The Batcave but nobody counts that.  There is this hilarious awesome front page filled with articles and then there is the celebrity picture part.  It is in the back.  Not like the back room of the video store, mind you.  It’s just that they really both sort of did their own thing.  On their own.  Sure I always WANTED things to be more integrated but being this funny all the time take a lot of effort and since there used to be two people running one site and now it is one something had to give.  So the pic section languished.

In fact it was worse than that.  I actually took more than 100k pics out because I needed to make room on the server.  But!  Since I have moved the pics to that Amazon cloud server thing I can (if it works) put in as many as I want.  Of course the move doesn’t give me anymore time than I had before but I have a plan for that, too.  But that’s a secret for now since the odds of it working are pretty much the same odds as any of the other dumb things I try.  But for the time being, I can offer you this:

95,041 files in 1,386 albums and 30 categories with 8 comments viewed 13,640,456 times

And yes.  That does say thirteen million.  It is over a few years but it is thirteen million all the same.  I don’t know what’s up with the 8 comments, though.  I don’t even think you CAN comment.  Weird.  Anyway, get ready because it is time that the front room knew what was going on in the back!