Last week, I started a new thing with the Who Ya Got lists. I’m going to throw out one or two lists each Friday in a weak, obvious and desperate attempt to stir up some debate.

This week? Time Travel. Movies. Not sure why this topic came to me but hey, it ain’t a bad one.

#5: Timecop. Damn right we’re going to open with Jean Claude Van Damme. Haven’t seen this since, well, 1994, but I imagine it holds up, right?

#4: 12 Monkeys.

#3: Terminator 2. Here’s the one rule for this list, no repeats for a franchise. Sure, Terminator should be right up here, but I wanted to only go with one from a series. And, I like Terminator 2 more. But, yeah.

#2: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. This is simple. Maybe you could flip this and Terminator 2, but, you’d be a little crazy. Please welcome the very excellent barbarian….GENGHIS KHAN!!!

#1: Back to the Future. Obvious. Went with this one over two, almost leaned to the second, but more Huey Lewis in the first. Can’t go wrong either way, so might as well go a little more classic.

Who Ya Got?