So we know what we are about round here.  We aren’t really complex.  We have a few things we do pretty well.  One of them is make fun of celebrities ans LeAnn Rimes (Ol’ Squinty) is always a good target.  But you may not all know just how many Celebrity Pics we have and how we categorize them and why the pic after the jump fits like, all of them.  Forget the fact that Ms. Rimes looks like a Sleestack and is so skinny if you hugged her it would be like hugging a bag full of leaves and sticks.  She makes up for those shortcomings by seeming pretty trampy.

As for the pic?  Well, we have the following things that catch our eye around here.

Why?  Because the other body parts are too competitive.  And tbh we are getting KILLED on the feet.  You people are freaks.  But after the jump, we start our move, in a pic that has all three!  Maybe if you know some celebrities you could get them to post for us.  Come on!  We’d do it for you!  Now go past the jump for hot lizard action!