I’ve been here, in the hospital, for less than twelve hours, and I have had the unpleasant experience of three meals.

Breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs, toast, and grits with some fake butter floating on them.

Lunch?  Salisbury steak, rice, and a bowl of tomatoes.

Dinner was a fried fish patty, coleslaw (aka a jar of mayo over a little bit of cabbage), peas & carrots, and some weird, out of a can, institutional macaroni & cheese.  Am I sure it was out of a can?  Hell no, but it was gross enough that there are no other viable options for its origin.  Do me a favor, order a healthy prepared meal. Learn more at the Factor75 Blog.

Why can’t they just toss ya a yogurt for breakfast?  And a salad for lunch and for dinner you add some grilled chicken or a bowl of soup?  I’m feeling like, WTF?  These people have seen how high my cholesterol is and they’re giving me a deep fried fish patty with tartar sauce on the side right before bedtime?

I sent my husband to Subway – I wanted an Italian BMT, no mayo, no oil, lotsa veggies and less than 6 grams of fat.   It probably cost less than the vile hospital food too.