I just truly do not understand her purpose or the fame/adoration she has garnered.  Now, I am far too old to know anything much about the whole Hannah Montana thing (for which I am profoundly grateful) but from what I know, I don’t see cause for the fascination.  She has bucky gump chompers, chubby cheeks and an unremarkable (though a healthy-looking teenage) figure.  She looks like a second rate Mandy Moore to me.  And we already have a first rate Mandy Moore.  So, really, what is her purpose?  These new pix are from some random photoshoot.  You can view her entire album here.  You can tell they aren’t snagged off her Myspace as they are astoundingly dull and she kept her tongue in her mouth.  Oh, yeah.  That reminds me–her purpose is to provide jailbait tongue pix. I guess I answered my own question.  If you are an 11-year-old girl, leave a comment telling me why you like her and then leave because you should not be on this site.