This could also be called: Why we don’t get anything done?  I was trying to figure out if we should have another Christmas Party this year or if I should just let the staff call home, it occurred to me that our productivity is down this year.  And as soon as I figure out what 90% of 0 is I will make a powerpoint of it and make everyone watch it while I cut their pay (which means I really need to know what 90% of 0 is).

But before you start thinking that this is not a great place to participate in, take a look at the pics below.  We seem to have a good time at work.  We also seem to buy new cubicles and redecorate a lot but never mind that.

Click that girl’s butt up there to contact us, or go to the Batcave and let us know you want in.  We will get you a cube and a stripper and all will be well.