If you watch Arrow then you know that Willa Holland plays his sister who is now known as Speedy on the show.  Before that she was in Gossip Girl.  I am not sure how much she sticks out her tongue on those shows but she never seems to stop doing it the rest of the time.  I swear this must be a millennial thing.Used to be when we were looking for tongue pictures we would get like, one per person per year.  We already have 20 of Willa and I haven’t even really started looking yet.  This new crop of celebs is the lickiest bunch we have ever had.  So check out Willa.  And say her name a bunch of times.  Willa. Willa. Willa Holland.  You even have to sort of stick out your tongue to say her name.  Damn I might have been doing this too long.