This is the guy you want calling high school kids?

This is the guy you want calling high school kids?

Isiah Thomas has accepted the Florida International head coaching job, according to ESPN.

I should pause a lot longer and let that sink in. But, really, at this point I will just assume anyone who just read that and has heard of Isiah Thomas is laughing right now.

The source said Thomas was looking for a fresh place to start and that, despite other previous NBA and college opportunities, this is the one that finally piqued Thomas’ interest.

The source also lies for a living, or, at least one can easily deduce that, because there is no way that Thomas had other opportunities in the NBA or college game previous to this one. Sure, the fresh place to start line has to be accurate, but that much would be fairly obvious.

As President of the New York Knicks, Isiah Thomas showed himself to be, well, an inept evaluator of talent (wow, I’m being very polite today). Now, Thomas has to go recruit kids and evaluate that talent based on only their high school experience? How does anyone see that ending well?

I’m assuming piqued his interest just means that if he goes the Sexual Harassment in the workplace way again, Florida International seems like a great destination.