Since February is shout out to women in horror month I figured I would shake things up a bit. This actually is my favorite subject……women in horror. I mean where would we be without these wonderful screamers….creepy babysitters and what not? My first feature of the month is Karen Black, a particular favorite of mine. There are so many films she did that scared the hell out of me. The first one I saw was Burnt Offerings. Seriously creepy film that if you haven’t seen it you better get on it. She also did a turn in Trilogy of Terror where she had quite the what for with a possessed voodoo doll. Also be sure to catch her in House of 1000 Corpses (simply brilliant and who could possibly forget her performance in Five Easy Pieces? Not me that is for sure!) This beauty that we lost after a battle with cancer  in 2013 had all of the makings of a scream queen with her crazy haired, wild eyed, charm. Be sure to check out a list of her work here to see how many of her films you have seen. R.I.P. Ms. Black you are sorely missed in this silicone wasteland!