Rose3If ever there was a versatile actress, Rose Byrne is it. This Australian beauty has pretty much covered every genre out there.  From her horrific role (genre not acting) in the Insidious movies  to her perfect comedic timing in Bridesmaids, she more than proves her ability to act. The point here is that no matter what type of role she is playing she looks ridiculously gorgeous doing it. 

Rose5Whether watching her try to find out the cause of the zombie apocalypse in 28 Weeks Later  or watching Glenn Close try to kill her in Damages, you will be blown away by her umm… skills. With cheekbones that could slice cold butter and the perfect nose that has likely spawned a thousand Real Housewives to head to the nearest rhinoplasty specialist, it is as plain as the nose on her face (pun totally intended) why I chose this lovely sheila for Woman Crush Wednesday. Throw another shrimp on the barbie and enjoy the view….


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