Women in Horror 2021

Congratulations for making it through 2020 and welcome to the 2021 Women in Horror Month campaign.  The Gallery is honoring ALL women in Horror, which means if you act, direct, write, stream, Youtube, podcast, produce, perform vfx wizardry, or scare the hell out of people at a haunt, we want to hear from you and make you a trading card!

Fill out the form below and make sure you give us somewhere to contact you so we can tell you when your post is up.  And share this with all the women in horror you know!  We grow every year and it’s because of YOU!

And last but not least, we want you to participate in our Live Women in Horror Showcase at the end of the month.  Click here to learn how to get involved!


Women in Horror 2021 Submission Form

We gently suggest you put your answers in wordpad or something and then copy/paste them so you don’t hit the wrong button and lose your stuff and then yell at Acadia on Twitter!

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#WIHM 2021

Get Your Own Trading Card!

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Women in Horror Showcase 2021!

Get involved in our live event on Friday, 02/26 at 8PM EST

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