some jackasses

some jackasses

Of course, you won’t hear a lot of people in sports media ripping the New Yankee Stadium. Take’s Jimmy Traina, for example

But new Yankee Stadium is still a great ballpark. The main reason is because when you are in your seat, you don’t think you are in new Yankee Stadium. It looks so much like the old one. You feel like you are in a refurbished version of the empty stadium across the street.

This is quite possibly the worst paragraph ever written for a Sports Illustrated entity. AND, I’m going to go out of my way and include the CNNSI short-lived television network.

The only thing that people say bad about NEW Yankee Stadium is that the prices are high. Well, news flash…the whole thing sucks. Watching the opener on television yesterday you barely get the feel that you are watching a game at the old stadium. Which, is probably the worst feeling you can imagine when watching a game at a new stadium. It makes not a damn bit of sense.

Only the Yankees would say, our stadium is so special we want to have it again. The problem is, Yankee Stadium was hardly a national treasure such as Wrigley, Fenway or what Camden Yards will one day be. Yankee Stadium was a mediocre stadium that looks to have been replaced by a mediocre stadium.

What do you say? Am I being too harsh on the Yankees and this was actually a solid idea to keep Yankee Tradition alive? Or, is this the most ridiculously awful stadium ever conceived? I’m sticking with the latter.