This past weekend, the alternator went out on our car while we were driving down I-85 south of Atlanta. We had to stop in Newnan, Georgia to find someone who could replace it so we could make the 5 hour drive home.

At Autozone, we were approached by a 40’s-ish man with about 4 total teeth on top, named Tommy. He sounded almost exactly like Boomhauer from “King of the Hill”. He said he’d do it for $50 if we bought the part.

We ended up outside a singlewide on 4 acres while Tommy pulled out the bad alternator and put the new one in. His wife Peggy and their son were busy setting up Christmas lights and decorations between the house and the road.

We had our Boxer with us, so naturally we started chatting about dogs. Tommy and Peggy had a little Australian Bulldog and their son’s girlfriend had rescued a gangly puppy that was trying to get our dog to play with it.

Tommy called out to his son and said “Go get that picture of the dog from in the house.” Then he turned to us and said “You want to see a picture of the best damn dog ever?” Of course we did!

The son came back with a close up photo of a Pit Bull with ONE EYE. Tommy said “You see he’s missing that eye?” And then he gave us the most bizarre reason for the dog losing its eye either of us had ever heard. In fact, I’m going to make you all guess and not tell you which of these reasons is the correct one until tomorrow.

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