Hey! Remember when I used to do this? You don’t? Oh yeah, the bosses say a lot more people come here these days. So, in honor of you new folks, here are a few things I have found; some were easy to locate, some more obscure, but all entertaining unless you don’t like the musicians in the videos, in which case, you’re fucked.

Jimi Hendrix Covers “Like a Rolling Stone

Watching Jimi Hendrix play music is a breathtaking experience, but you don’t need me to tell you that. Beyond the fact that he seemed to never play the same song twice, the man would take a song from someone else, cover it and completely make it his own. Here is Jimi Hendrix covering Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” and putting an awesome amount of passion into it.

Gang of FourAnthrax (Homemade Video)

Gang of Four is (what their wiki entry calls) “An English post-punk group from Leeds.” They were around the the late 70’s to the early 80’s broke, up, reunited and now play shows. It is noisy, a bit weird, and interesting to listen to. This video was made by some kid for a school project. It is well done, but is just a backdrop to what is a cool song from an interesting band.

The Pixies – “In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator)”

The Pixies are absolutely required listening if you like Nirvana, or the millions of bands that aped their concept. They were (and I guess are now) a landmark act, with great hooks, sometimes disturbing amounts of noise and the whole verse-chorus-verse thing down to a T. This song is a cover of a track from the movie “Eraserhead” and it’s the song I have listened to over and over for the last three days.

MF Doom – Dead Bent

Sure, the hipsters are all over this guy, so much so that this shit is old news. But who cares what the hipsters think? It is a man with a metal mask who fancies himself to be like Dr. Doom and raps over Scooby Doo remixed beats. This song is one of the cooler ones and here is the video for it.

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